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How much does it cost for 843, REALTOR to represent a person Buying a home? Nothing
843, REALTOR does NOT charge their buyer clients any fees.

When a Seller places a home in the MLS for sale, the Seller post a fee they agree to pay an Agent that brings them a Buyer. 843, REALTOR considers that fee as payment in full.

The 1st question a BUYER should ask when contacting any Real Estate Company or Builder is who does that Agent represent, the Seller or Buyer?

Consumers must understand when they contact the On-Site Construction Company or Real Estate Company/Agent that has the sign on the homes front yard they are contacting the SELLER’s Real Estate Company/Agent. By law, the SELLER’s Real Estate Company/Agent legally works for the SELLER and by LAW the Company/Agent must represent and negotiate in the best interest of the SELLER. While most Real Estate Agents try to be fair, the listing Company/Agent is representing the SELLER and is bound by Real Estate License Laws, the Law of Agency, and their Code of Ethics. The listing Company/Agent can't tell you if the home is overpriced or give you negotiating advice. The listing Agents job is to get the highest price and best terms for the SELLER.

BUYERS need to have an Agent working to represent the BUYER’s best interest.
That is where 843, REALTOR comes in. We can represent the Myrtle Beach Real Estate BUYER’s best interest, find and show them properties, and help them negotiate the best price and terms. As a member of the REALTORS Association and MLS we have access to all the properties in our MLS, which includes new construction and resales.

Can I save money by not using a Real Estate Agent?
When the seller places their property for sale in the MLS, the seller signs a contract to pay a set fee. As an example a 6% fee will be paid when the property is sold. If the buyer does not use a Buyer’s Agent then the listing agents get the full 6% commission. If the buyer hires 843, REALTOR the seller still has to pay the 6% commission, it is just split between both agents. The difference here is that the buyer has an agent working for them, negotiating the lowest price and best terms. Either way the seller is paying the commission on the sale of the property.

What if I hire 843, REALTOR as a Buyer’s Agent and I do not buy a property?
You would owe 843, REALTOR no money. 843, REALTOR understands the importance of Buyers Representation and is still required to keep the clients information confidential. This is why using 843, REALTOR is a win, win situation for Myrtle Beach Real Estate Buyers.
What happens when I am Buying a NEW Construction Home?
The Agent on the new Construction site works for the builder/seller. 843, REALTOR would work for you as a Buyers Agent and we can stop in and check on the construction progress of your new home. Our Agents can stop by an takes pictures of the progress and inform you of any concerns with the construction.
Why would any Buyers not use a Buyers Agent?
I honestly do not know. At no additional cost to you, our Agents can go to the selection process with our Buyers and offer input on colors and options for the home. Our Agents can go through the punch list process with our Buyers. In the event of a dispute or misunderstanding with the builder our Agents can act as a 3rd party witness to help resolve any issues.
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